Recent From V-1 Smash Wars: A New Season

Smash Wars V-I: The New Season Recap

Smash Wars V-I: The New Season Recap Posted by on Sep 27, 2013

Recent From V-2 Smash Wars: The Birdie Strikes Back

BV Smash Wars V-II Schedule

BV Smash Wars V-II Schedule Posted by on Dec 3, 2013

Recent From V-3 Smash Wars: BV x UBCBC x C1 Waterfall

BV x UBCBC x ClearOne Waterfall Tourname...

BV x UBCBC x ClearOne Waterfall Tournament Posted by on Feb 12, 2014

Recent From V-4 Smash Wars: The Phantom of Baddi Royale

BV Smash Wars V-IV Schedule

BV Smash Wars V-IV Schedule Posted by on May 7, 2014

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Results for Team Championships 2014

Congratulations to all winners and participants of the Knights of Smash Wars Team Championships 2015. Every placing was hard fought and earned, and everyone deserves a pat on the back for the amount of effort, determination and sportsmanship displayed during the weekend. The results of the tournament is as follow: 1. Baddiholics 2....

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The Knights of Smash Wars 2014 Team Roster

Team Roster – The Knights of Smash Wars Team Championship 2014 Baddiholics Four Plus One Baaadminton Wilson Wong Austin Doong Abel Chua Chris Chung Laurence Kao Alex Lin Kevin So Hason Wong Ross Perkin Vincent Teo Sylvia Cheung Pei Xiao Rosalynn Chong Polly Li Chloe Chan Crystal Chow . Julia Chiang Karen Tse . Yanni Guo...

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Team Championships 2014 Qualified Players

Due to the change in qualification criteria this year, anyone who has played in 2 or more BV tournaments are eligible to create or form a team. In order to assist teams in finding eligible players, we have compiled a list of qualified players who have played at least 2 tournaments during this season. Individuals who are interested...

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Official Team Championship Sign Up & Rules 2014

Hello everyone! As our 5th annual year end Team Championships draws near (on June 20th – 22nd), it is time for you to gather your teammates and form your teams! Click here to sign up. TEAM FORMATION GUIDELINES Each team must have a minimum of 3 guys and 2 girls. This year, you can form teams with anyone who has played 2 of...

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Peter Gade Exhibition 2014

Jan 17, 14 Peter Gade Exhibition 2014

Posted by in Announcements

PETER GADE RETURNS TO CANADA with 2 stops on his Canadian Tour in Vancouver & Toronto. Come watch one of the world’s most Iconic singles players of all-time and enjoy a night of spectacular badminton with Peter and Canada’s top National players!   Peter Gade Vancouver Exhibition – Sat. Feb. 8th @ 7pm...

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Yonex Musica ClearOne New Year’s Tournament

Dec 05, 13 Yonex Musica ClearOne New Year’s Tournament

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Join ClearOne in their annual New Year’s Tournament for a load of fun to welcome 2014! The tournament features a special category for 80+ with a prize purse up to $5000. See below or visit for more...

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BV Smash Wars V-II Schedule

. . . . . . Schedules for Smash Wars V-II: The Birdie Strikes Back are as follow: Friday Dec 6th Categories Arrive at Green Shell Women’s Singles 6:15pm Blue Shell Men’s Singles 6:15pm Blue Shell Women’s Singles 7:15pm Red Shell Women’s Singles 7:15pm (estimate ending time: 10:30pm) Saturday 7th Categories...

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